Top Destinations In Sri Lanka

  • UNESCO World Heritage

    Sri Lanka, arguably with no less than seven UNESCO World Heritage sites, has the richest archaeological heritage anywhere in the world, strewn throughout the island while the largest and most dramatic sites are set in the Cultural Triangle. The area formed by linking the ancient capitals of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruva, and Kandy, with Sigiriya in the center.

  • Beach Destinations

    The glittering shoreline of wide tropical beaches proffer easy access, from one end of the island to the other, you can be sure to find these cool waters and white sands wherever you go in the island. Snorkelers and divers love to explore its gin-clear waters. In addition to its white sand beaches, the island is known for its coral gardens, and yet unexplored beaches in the deep down south & east.

  • Wildlife  Sri lanka

    You get to see a plethora of wildlife including the “big three” of Sri Lankan wildlife, the elephant, leopard, buffalo, black Sloth bear, and blue whale. For birding enthusiasts, there are over 440 species of avifauna recorded in this island paradise. Sri Lankan safaris offer a wonderful holiday for those wildlife lovers, offer a fascinating insight in to Sri Lanka and its spectacular wildlife.

  • City of Life

    The capital city of Sri Lanka is the combination of the rich past heritage and modern day advancements. It is equally blessed with scenic natural landscapes and historically significant places. At the same time, it is the largest city and main port of Sri Lanka. A bustling metropolitan city, Colombo is the commercial and financial center of Sri Lanka.

  • Hill Destinations

    Sri Lanka is one of the pioneering tea producing nations thanks to the British. Hills covered in lush green tea plants that are arranged in perfect sections are indeed picturesque.

    There are tea factories that allow visitors to observe the process and taste a fresh cuppa.

    I’ve listed a few tea plantations that allow visitors near main cities in the hill country for your ease.


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