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Sri Lanka -  The Paradise Island

Sri Lanka is an Island in the Indian Ocean which has a history well chronicled in the great scripture "Mahavamsa" . It states historical events from the times of Lord Buddha from around 550 BC and the chronicle was maintained from the 3rd Century BC. Scholar Rhys David has stated that 'The Ceylon Chronicles would not suffer in comparison with the best of the Chronicles, even though so considerably later in date written in England or in France.

Sri Lanka has been called by several names by the earlier travelers to the Island and few to mention here are Sinhaladwipa, Lanka, Taprobane, Serendib and Ceylon. It was also referred as The Pearl of the Indian Ocean and the Tear drop of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka has a land area of about 65,000 square kilometers and approximately 16% of it is forest land.
It is slightly smaller than Ireland.

The country has a tropical climate with a northeast monsoon (December to March) and a southwest monsoon (June to October) .The center of the island is the hill country and the low country is the area surrounding it.
The highest mountain is the Pidurutalagala which is 2524 meters high.
There are 103 rivers in Sri Lanka and the longest is the River Mahaweli , which is 335 km long.

Sri Lanka is the country which preserved Buddhism in the history of almost 25 centuries after the Parinirvana of the Lord Buddha. Today the Theravada Buddhism is very much vibrant in this Island nation where 74% of the population are Buddhist Sinhalese.The heritage of Sri Lanka is unmatched to any other country of the world mainly due to its association to the Buddhist Culture. Kandy , Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa are the main cultural cities and numerous other places are scattered around the island. The Nature is the second greatest asset of the country and there is abundance of wildlife still. The Government has kept aside 13% of the land as Sanctuaries. There are several National Parks in the island, out of which Yala and Vilpattu being the foremost. Singharaja Forest is the most famous rain forest of the country, situated in the south-west lowland wet zone of Sri Lanka.

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Explore destinations of Sri Lanka, the glorious gifts of nature; the beautiful beaches, gigantic mountains, wonderful rivers and waterfalls, the amazing wildlife and captivating sceneries together with the rich and colorful cultural heritage.

A country in the throes of massive change, Sri Lankas heady mix of British colonial heritage, beautiful landscapes and incredibly friendly locals make it a beguiling destination. But the tropical isle has only cropped up on travellers’ radars in recent years. now is the perfect time to visit. Here are tips and tricks to help first-time visitors.

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Follow our list of things to do in Sri Lanka and get the most out of your trip while you take part in various exciting and fun activities

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